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Insurance quality

System management of quality establishment

Given that our company is recent, created in January 2011, which shareholders are the same ones that worked in the past for Catering Companies with great reputation as Sodexo and MDO - Services, that used to be on service with Companies like Total Gabon, Transocean/Global Santa Fe, Nabors Drilling, Maurel & Prom among others.


SAPCAN CATERING acquired a great experience in the industry of catering services, and decided to adhere to a project QHSE and is in phase of management system establishment of quality and control risk on its catering services for the whole as for its customers.
The management system of quality follows directives and recommendations of the standard ISO 22 000.

System management of quality objectives

In an environment where customers await an increasingly powerful offer of service, quality became a requirement of every moment to all product development phases. It is incontestably a strong element of competing differentiation.

The system management of quality objective and SAPCAN control risk is continuously to improve its capacity of going beyond its customers needs.

SAPCAN considers that the principles of management of quality, suggested by the standard ISO 22 000,

are general and fundamental rules to direct and exploit an effective organization. We aim at an improvement continues in the development on the long term, by holding account especially, initially, of our customers and in the second place, the needs for all the other interested parts.

SAPCAN considers that the application of our quality principles management and the control of risk, will produce benefit for our customers, suppliers, employees, local communities, like for all company in general.

Management principles of quality

Organization towards customer
SAPCAN depends on its customers and will have consequently to understand their needs present and future, thus to project themselves with the front of their requests and to get busy to go beyond their waiting’s.

SAPCAN leaders must maintain a common cohesion of membership to a company. They must create and maintain a sociable internal environment in which people can engage completely, which thus makes it possible to achieve SAPCAN organization goals and ensure personnel loyalty.

People engagement
People at all levels are SAPCAN organization essence, and their total engagement allows their aptitudes to be used for the organization profit.

Organizational process
The optimum result is reached more effectively when the resources and their activities are managed as “exploitable” process easily by the personnel.

Quality system in the management of the processes
The identification, the comprehension and system management procedures inter-connected with given objective; improve SAPCAN organization in the concept of quality of its services.

Continuous improvement
The continue improvement will have to be a permanent objective of SAPCAN organization, it passed automatically by the detection of nonconformities and the taking into account of customer satisfaction card.

The fact integration in the decision making
The effective decisions rest on the analysis of data and information, which pass by the review of contract and the review of the points to be solved in review of Management.

SAPCAN relations/ Suppliers
SAPCAN organization and its suppliers are interdependent, the two entities agree to progress in a beneficial mutual relation to lead to a process of creation of added value.

SAPCAN regards the following fields as being critical in the delegation of its employees and the satisfaction as of its customers: Leadership, Strategy of quality planning, ISO 22 000, ISO 9001 customers satisfaction, that of our collaborators, information and analyze, products.

and services quality confidence, partnership in the improvement of supplier quality.

The installation of quality system is not a finality in oneself, it should be applied and especially to make it progress with durable view of our company development.

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